Tucked away in Gloucester County, New Jersey, Mullica Hill stands as a testament to a blend of history, nature, and community spirit. With its well-preserved historic district and a plethora of activities to indulge in, this charming town is the perfect destination for day-trippers and history enthusiasts alike. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the must-visit spots and things to do in Mullica Hill.

1. Step Back in Time at the Historic District

Mullica Hill’s main street is adorned with 18th and 19th-century buildings that whisper tales of days gone by. A casual stroll will transport you to a different era, as you explore architectural gems and read about their significance on the informative plaques placed outside many of the structures.

2. Antique Treasures Await

Being dubbed the “Antique Capital of Southern New Jersey,” Mullica Hill proudly houses several antique shops. Places like The Yellow Garage and Old Mill Antique Mall beckon with a promise of rare collectibles, vintage furniture, and unique curios.

3. Savor the Seasonal Festivals

Mullica Hill knows how to celebrate the seasons:
  • Mullica Hill Fall Festival: A delightful mix of craft stalls, live music, and culinary delights awaits visitors, making it the perfect autumnal celebration.
  • Christmas House Tour: Embrace the festive spirit as historic homes, decked in holiday décor, open their doors to the public.

4. A Gastronomic Journey

Food enthusiasts can find their haven here:
  • David and Sons 322 BBQ: Award-winning BBQ located in the Historic Old Mill.
  • Harrison House Diner: Feel the warmth of a classic diner, offering an array of comfort foods that satiate the soul.

5. Indulge in Local Artistry

Mullica Hill’s local artists and craftsmen showcase their talent in quaint shops dotting the town. From handcrafted jewelry to unique pottery pieces, there’s a piece of art waiting to find a place in your home.

6. Wine and Dine at Nearby Vineyards

The fertile grounds around Mullica Hill are home to several vineyards. Embark on a wine-tasting adventure, savoring the region’s best wines amidst serene landscapes.

7. Creamy Acres: A Destination for All Seasons

Whether it’s the spooky thrills of the ‘Night of Terror’ during Halloween or the festive merriment around Christmas, Creamy Acres promises entertainment for all ages.

8. Nature and Recreation

For those with an affinity for the outdoors, the surrounding areas of Mullica Hill offer lush parks and trails. It’s a paradise for nature lovers, bird watchers, or anyone looking to find tranquillity amidst greenery.

9. Experience Local Culture at The Old Town Hall

Be it community plays, local meetings, or art exhibitions, the Old Town Hall is a hub of cultural activities. Make sure to check their event calendar when planning your visit.

10. Amish Market Adventures

Experience authentic Amish craftsmanship and culinary wonders at the local Amish markets. From handcrafted furniture to delectable baked goods, it’s a cultural experience not to be missed.
Mullica Hill offers more than just a trip; it’s an experience. A seamless blend of history, culture, nature, and community, this town welcomes all with open arms. Whether you’re planning a day trip or a weekend getaway, Mullica Hill promises memories that will last a lifetime.
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